Projects/Activities - Corporate Activities of IOPG



    Organization of 2nd West Africa International Packaging -‘Afrik’Embal
  • Held at the Ghana International Trade Fair Site, La-Accra from 11th – 14th May 2005
    Partner: APEX-CI of Cote d’Ivoire.
    Sponsor PROINVEST of EU Commission

  • Involvement in Capacity Building Programmes Packaging  Technical Training Seminar on Packaging and Labelling 10th – 13th May 2005
    Partner: Ghana and Ghana Export Promotion Council.
    Sponsor: The International Trade Center, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Workshop on Awareness Programme on Technology Trends and Developments in Packaging Machinery and Systems in Mumbai, India. October/November 2004
  • Packaging Design Seminar November 2004
  • Partner: Ghana and Ghana Export Promotion Council.
    Sponsor: The International Trade Center, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Packaging Training Workshop November 2003
  • Partner: Institute of Packaging South Africa.
    Sponsor: The World Packaging Organisation.
  • Workshop for Women in Industry (April 2004)
  • Organized by Ministry of Women and Children in Cape Coast and Techiman.
  • Seminar on Packaging Issues and Problems  of African Exporters of Oilseed products.
  • An ITC Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme in Burkina Faso.December 2004
  • International Symposium on Agro-pastoral  Commodities Development
  • Sponsored by CTA, Netherlands (Niger, February 2005).
  • America & West Africa: Partners in Development (February 2004 and March 2005) Organized by African Connections
  • Buyers Mission to Ghana on the Horticultural Export sector. Jointly organized by International Trade Centre, Ghana Export Promotion Council and German Afrikan Partnership Ltd (GAP). !5th – 23rd May 2004,
  • Export School – Organized by Ghana Export Promotion (Quarterly 2004 –2005)
  • Workshop organized by Peace Corps at Kokrobite, (2004, Accra)
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture Strategic Planning Workshop. Held at The Hotel Cisneros, Sogakope, Volta Region (2004).

    Membership of National Committees Admitted to full membership of World Packaging Organization and to the WPO Board (April 2004)
  • National Institutional Feeding Working Group
  • National Post-Harvest Working Group
  • Committee for Establishment of Bar coding
  • Involved in preparing paper on FAO/MOFA Bankable Investments Project for NEPAD

    International Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Visit to Indian Institute of Packaging and Indian Packaging Companies (President of IOPG, February 2004 under the sponsorship of Positive Packaging Industries of India).
  • Visit to Propak South Africa and Nampak, (Vice President of IOPG under the sponsorship of Nampak).
  • World Packaging Organization 72nd Board Meeting in Basel, Switzerland and Mavex Packaging Exhibition, WorldStar Packaging Award Ceremony. May 2004.
  • World Packaging Organization 73nd Board Meeting in Mumbai, India and Indiapak Packaging Exhibition November 2004.
  • World Packaging Organization (WPO) Board Meeting, WorldStar Packaging Award Ceremony in Sao Paulo, Brazil. May, 2005
  • World Packaging Organization (WPO) Board Meeting in Warsaw, Poland.
  • World Packaging Organization Board Meeting, Worldstar Award in Chicago, USA. May 2007
  • World Packaging Organization meeting in Cape Town, South Africa October 2008

  • Awards and Publications
  • Pack-it Export Product Profile – Fresh Fish and Sea Foods (submitted  to ITC 2005)
  • PACKIT, Packaging Magazine of IOPG (Nov. 2003 and May 2005)
  • Afrik’Embal/GhanaStar Packaging Awards May 2005 (Students and Industrial)
  • WorldStar Students Packaging Awards (July 2005)
  • Ghanastar Packaging Awards (May 2008) (new)