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The Institute of Packaging, Ghana (IOPG) with the support of PRO€INVEST is spearheading a project aimed at strengthening the capacity of local converters in order to bring them up to international standards. This will be achieved by a mission of packaging converters to some European countries to have first-hand experience in current trends of packaging. The mission will involve visits to packaging establishments in Denmark, Germany and United Kingdom.


The overall objective of the mission is to build the capacity of Ghanaian packaging converters as well as members of IOPG with a view to improving their expertise in packaging design and quality of locally manufactured packaging. The mission is expected to establish Business to Business links between the Ghanaian and EU packaging companies in the fields of technology, supply of materials, implementation of quality assurance systems and training. It is envisaged that knowledge acquired from this project will be disseminated to the entire packaging conversion and user industry in Ghana through training of factory staff.


This mission of Ghanaian packaging converters to EU countries is co-financed by PRO€INVEST and local packaging converters, with support from Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and the International Trade Centre (ITC), Geneva. PRO€INVEST is an EU-ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) partnership programme developed and undertaken by the European Commission on behalf of the ACP countries.

The improvement of quality and competitiveness of domestic packaging are critical for the growth of the export sector. This project will therefore bring tremendous benefits to Ghanaian packaging converters, users, exporters of fresh and processed food products and the Institute of Packaging, Ghana (IOPG).


WPO Board Meeting, Worldstar Awards and Packaging Summit

The Institute of Packaging, Ghana has won the bid to host the 2008 WPO Board meeting, Worldstar Awards and a Packaging Summit from 19th – 23rd May 2008. This event would bring a lot of the key players in the packaging industry to Ghana to share with the industry in Ghana some of their valuable experiences as far as packaging is concerned.


The WPO Board Meeting, Worldstar Awards/Ghanastar Awards and Packaging Summit /Mini Packaging Exhbition, was successfully held in Accra, Ghana from 17th - 23rd May 2008, at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. The theme for the African Packaging Summit was Harnessing Packaging Technology for Industrial Growth and Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Africa.

Conference Topics:

1. Adding value to African consumer goods for the Global market- the role of effective packaging - Khalid Sheikh, chairman, Clifton Packaging Group, Leicester, UK.


2. Packaging challenges in Product Development in Africa - the experience of Multi-national companies - Kofi Essuman (Unilever Gh. Ltd)


3. Packaging Challenges in the export sector - The Ghanaian Experience -Kwesi Kroboe, General Manager, Jei River Farms Ltd.


4. Overview of the African Packaging Supply Chain - the role of  ITC in Capacity Building- Jacky Charbonneau, Senior Advisor, ITC


5. Packaging Challenges and Opportunities - the Asian Experience - Rajiv Dhar, Indian Institute of Packaging.


6. Packaging Challenges and Opportunities - the South American Experience - Luciana Pellegrino Soares De Arteaga, Brazil Institute of Packaging


7. Building  the Capacity of African SMEs through Contract Packing -  MarioCataldo,President, Cottage Industries Italia.


8. Conformance to International Packaging Standards - the role of Design and Testing. - Jens Christian Sorensen, Danish Technological Institute.



The National Crusade Against Counterfeiting Products Project in Ghana

This was a project sponsored by BizClim. The ACP Business Climate Facility (BizClim) provides technical assistance that is essentially about improving regulations, legislation, the institutional set and financial measures relating to the enabling environment of the private sector in ACP countries or regions and to thereform of SOEs and to do so by focussing on possible support to ACP governments or regional institutions.

This project was locally supported by Food and Drugs Board, Ghana Standards Board, Unilever Ghana Ltd, Ghana Employers Association,etc.

The project ended in June 2008 .

Specialized Anti-counterfeiting and Anti-Piracy enforcement Training Workshop. This was organised in Kumasi and Accra 26th - 30th May 2009.

NEW for 2010

1. IOPG has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Rural Enterprises Project to train Micro and Small Scale Enterprises in Packaging and labelling as well as help the entrepreneurs to acquire simple packaging machinery and materials. The training initially will take place in 14 districts in Ghana.


2. Two members of IOPG will go for training in UK and India. The UK traing is on ArtiosCAD software for packaging Design. The India course is a 3 week course on Packaging Principles, Materials and Stystems.



IOPG plans to establish a Packaging Resource Center to facilitate the execution of the following activities: