The membership of IOPG is drawn from institutions involved in the following activities:

  • Manufacture of packaging materials and ancillaries (converters)
  • Packaging users (manufacturing and co-packing)
  • Manufacture or Supply of Packaging Machinery
  • Purchasing and Supply of Packaging materials
  • Transportation of goods (Freight forwarding and shipping)
  • Design of Packaging machines and materials
  • Engineering, Scientific Research and Academia
  • Marketing
  • Others (e.g. packaging buyers, service providers, recycling companies)

Admission to the institute of Packaging Ghana is by recognition of your vocational experience. All admissions are considered by the Membership Committee and approved by the Executive Council.





Diploma Member-M.IoP(Gh) Dip. Members who successfully pass all modules of a relevant qualifying examinations of a local or international packaging course.



Member – M.IoP(Gh) Obtained a degree, diploma in packaging or other related qualifications approved by the Executive Council OR Attained acceptable levels of experience or responsibility, and can satisfy the Council that their knowledge of the art or science of packaging is at least equal to the standard required to pass a packaging examination OR Held a responsible position in the packaging industry for a period of 5 years with satisfactory evidence of general or specific knowledge of packaging.



Associate Member – A.IoP(Gh) Any person working or seeking to work in or with the profession of packaging or an allied profession or activity.



Fellow – F.IoP(Gh) Any person who has been a member of a Packaging Institute for at least 5 years and employed in a responsible packaging or other related position for ten years. Should have made a significant contribution to the art and science of packaging.



Student Member (no post nominal letters) A grade for persons studying for a qualifying examination in packaging.



Corporate Member (no post nominal letters) Any company or institution with an interest in packaging or packaging related activities

Other Members: Honorary, Patron, Retired These are additional special grades reserved for persons who have shown special interest in or offered exceptional service to the packaging industry. Check our Membership List



Honorary Life Member  
Diplomate Member  
Certificated Member  
Associate Member  
Student Member  
Member (Retired)  
Company Member  
Country Member